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How To Choose a Shower Enclosure?

May. 27, 2021

Your bathroom is one of the most integral spaces in your home. A shower enclosure can make or break the look, comfort and accessibility of your bathroom. It is also one of the first places to start when beginning a bathroom remodel. Beyond the multiple details of your bathroom, a shower enclosure can completely transform your space if used in the right way.


One of the benefits of working with The ONE is that our technicians offer custom solutions to meet the unique needs of your home. Together, we will measure, configure and personalize the bathroom glass options you want. Our team will also handle the details of your bathroom to make recommendations for the right shower enclosure.


If you don't have the right shower, over time, water can seep into your floor and cause irreversible damage. Fortunately, there are a variety of glass shower enclosure doors and enclosures to choose from to ensure your shower enclosure will function properly for years to come.


When redesigning your guest bathroom or suite, there are several shower enclosurestyles and design layouts to consider.

Hinged Shower Enclosure

 Hinged Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosure styles

When selecting and designing a new shower enclosure for your bathroom, you may find that there are more shower enclosure styles than you remember. shower enclosure spaces are often defined by the style of the door and type of enclosure, each offering different uses and aesthetics based on your tastes and needs. There are several different door styles and enclosures you can consider for your bathroom, including


Sliding doors: Perfect for bathrooms with limited space, sliding doors are stylish and create an open and airy feel.

Pivot: A popular and space-saving option, pivot doors usually open outward for shower enclosure panels that cannot accommodate sliding door panels. This style is available in a variety of glass options to give your bathroom a clean, modern look.

Hinges: Similar to pivot doors, hinge options have large hinges on the side of the door that can open inward or outward. They can bring an edgy and modern aesthetic to your bathroom.

Once you've chosen the shower enclosure door style you like and that best fits your space, your shower enclosure can consider a variety of design shapes and glass styles, including neo-corner, frameless, framed, curved, square, rectangular, glass block or textured glass.


The Opus series hinged shower enclosure features two simple hinges that give this enclosure a stunning frameless and minimalist finish. The stylish, yet understated model, is flexible in terms of optional sizes and is available in different hardware finishes. If you want to know about the wholesale best shower enclosure price, welcome to contact us.


Choosing the right shower

While shower enclosure combinations may seem almost endless, when it comes time to update your space, there are a number of factors you need to consider, such as


Available space: Doors are designed to open in a specific way, so consider ceiling height and available floor space when choosing a shower enclosure door.

Wall location and shower enclosure install location: Is your shower enclosurestall located in a corner, in the center or in a separate enclosed space?

Glass type: There are a variety of glass options and thicknesses to consider, all of which have the advantage of being suitable for certain types of bathrooms.

Opening Position: Think about your bathroom, the location of your shower enclosurestall and other obstructions such as doors and windows. Should your shower enclosure door open to the left or to the right?

Tray options: While not a required addition, trays are a great upgrade to install on your shower enclosure door to prevent water from leaking out of the shower enclosurestall. When considering a shower enclosure tub, please consider the size you need and make sure the door matches the tray.


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