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How to Measure a Glass Shower Door?

Jul. 17, 2021

Understanding how to measure a glass shower door is the first step in upgrading your shower. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or looking for a new shower door, read our guide to learn how to measure a shower door.

Measure the doorway leading into the bathroom to ensure you can get the shower door through the house without damaging the glass. If necessary, make sure there is enough room to turn your shower door.


What you need

At least two people

Tape measure

Pen and paper


Glass Shower Door

 Glass Shower Door

Step 1: Sketch your shower

Using your pen and paper, draw a small sketch of your shower. Use this visual reference to mark your measurements.



Take two measurements at a time and if your numbers are different, choose the larger one. Always round up to the nearest 1/16ʺ to ensure accuracy. If you choose a custom shower door, it is especially important to know exactly how to measure a glass shower door.


Step 2: Measure the width

Use a tape measure to measure the width of the shower stall from one side of the wall to the other. Measure the width at three points - along the bottom, in the middle and at the top. If you have a new angle shower, measure the width along the bottom of the shower pan.


Step 3: Check that the walls are plumb

Older homes or showers may not have perfectly straight walls. If your walls are vertical, meaning vertically up and down, you should have a trouble-free shower door installation. If your walls are not vertical, you should seek professional help when installing your shower door.

Glass Shower Door

 Glass Shower Door

To check if your shower walls are plumb, place a level flat on each shower wall. Look for a bubble on the level and see if it is centered between the two indicated lines. If the bubble is centered, the wall is vertical. If the bubble is not centered, tilt the level away from the wall until it is centered. Keep the level in this position and mark the distance between the wall and the level on the measurement chart. Share these measurements with the professional who will be installing your shower door. Do this at the bottom and top of each wall to make sure they are all the way up vertically.


Step 4: Measure the Height

Measure the distance from the bottom of the shower to the top. If your shower door will be resting on the threshold, measure from the top of this "base". If the size of the shower door you want is less than the overall height of the shower stall, measure only to this point.


Step 5: Measure the opening

If your new shower door is the same style as your current door, measure the width of your current door and use this measurement as a reference. Use this width if your new door will be located in the threshold section that you previously measured. If your shower door is smaller than the width of the threshold, measure the width you want. An example is a fixed shower door that covers only three quarters of the total width of the threshold.

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