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Things You Should Know about Shower Door Sizes

Jun. 07, 2021

When you build a new shower for your bathroom, one of the last steps is to install the shower door. If everything has been built perfectly before then, the shower door will swing freely and precisely and keep all the water inside the shower.


However, if the measurements are wrong, it can be difficult to reverse what was done before. Knowing the common rough spots in the door opening in conjunction with the shower door dimensions will make for a smooth and clean installation. Next, the shower door supplier will share the following content with you.

Shower Door

Shower Door

Standard Shower Door Sizes

Shower door sizes vary with the bathroom they are installed in and the needs of the homeowner. However, two common standard shower door sizes are


Pivoting or swinging showers

Most pivoting or swinging shower door units are 48 inches wide, with the actual walk-in door being 26 1/2 inches wide.


Sliding Shower

Most sliding shower door units are 60 inches wide, with the actual walk-in door opening being approximately 21-1/4 inches to 25-3/8 inches wide.


Measuring Shower Doors

Whether you are measuring a shower stall or a shower/tub combination, you can measure the width by running a tape measure or laser measuring device from one side to the other. Measure at two locations: the top and the bottom.

 It is important to take these two measurements because walls and niche enclosures may warp over time or may have been built slightly irregularly initially. Use the largest of the two measurements and round up to the nearest 1/8 inch.


For height, measure from the curb of the tub/shower or shower stall. As with width, measure twice: once on the left side and once on the right side. Choose the largest of the two measurements and round up to the nearest 1/8 inch.


Once installed, the shower door and its frame do provide some flexibility to address slightly irregular walls. That said, you should still take this measurement as accurately as possible.

Shower Door

 Shower Door

Frameless Shower Door Sizes

Frameless showers are popular because they provide the most amount of light in the shower and eliminate the visual impact of the shower frame.

The ONE Sonder collection of pivot fully frameless shower doors is ingeniously designed and highly adjustable as well as easily sizable to custom fit almost any shower space. The versatile modern shower door uses an adjustable pivot hardware and panel overlap technology for a total of 6 inches in width adjustments for a flexible installation. If you want to know about the wholesale best shower door price, welcome to contact us.

Another benefit of frameless showers is the flexibility to adjust the size. In theory, frameless showers can be as large or small as you need them to be, as the glass can be custom sized and smaller sizes can be attached. In practice, however, most residential frameless showers tend to stay within certain prescribed dimensions.

Standard Pivot (Swinging) Shower Door Sizes

39 1/8-inch to 44-inch

 27 5/16-inch to 31 1/8-inch

 43 1/8-inch to 48-inch

Standard Sliding Shower Door Sizes

56 5/8-inch to 59 5/8-inch

44 5/8-inch to 47 5/8-inch

Standard Return Side Panel Sizes

34-inch to 35-inch

29-inch to 30-inch

31-inch to 32-inch


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